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20 Minutes of Exercise a Day Could Significantly Reduce Risk of Hospitalization

A recent study has found that if everyone managed at least 75 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical activity, around one in 10 early deaths would be prevented, one in 20 cases of cardiovascular disease would be prevented, and nearly one in 30 cases of cancer would be prevented.[0]

The research team analyzed 196 peer-reviewed articles, accounting for over 30 million participants from 94 large study cohorts.[1] The team focused on participants who regularly spent 150 minutes or so exercising every week, or 22 minutes each day.[2]

The findings suggest that if middle-aged and older people added just 20 minutes of exercise to their daily routine, they could cut the risk of hospitalizations by anywhere from 4% to 23% over seven years.

Professor James Woodcock, a co-author, noted that “What we’ve found is there are substantial benefits to heart health and reducing your risk of cancer even if you can only manage 10 minutes every day.”[3]

The risk of certain types of cancer was reduced even more. The risk of head and neck, myeloid leukaemia, myeloma, and gastric cardia cancers fell by 14 to 26 per cent. For breast and colon cancer, the decrease in danger with moderate exercise was more modest, ranging from 3-11%.[4]

The research team also looked at the best time to exercise.[5] The study found that exercising at any time of day was better for a longer life than not exercising at all. However, the research suggested that afternoon exercise may be best for a longer life.

These findings suggest that increasing physical activity by just 20 minutes a day can effectively reduce the risk of hospitalization across a broad range of medical conditions. Incorporating activities that you enjoy into your weekly schedule is an effective way to increase your level of physical activity.[6]

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