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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joey Swoll Join Forces to Promote Positivity in Gyms

Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger has achieved numerous accomplishments throughout his career, from seven Mr. Olympia wins to becoming Hollywood’s go-to action hero. He has also become an icon for those who are looking to get into a fitness routine and build strength.[0] Recently, Schwarzenegger has been using his platform to speak out against modern day bodybuilding.[0]

Schwarzenegger took to his Instagram account to post a Monday Motivation post, in which another bodybuilding legend, Mike O’Hearn, commented, urging the 75-year-old to join forces with him to promote positivity at the gym.[1] Schwarzenegger obliged and partnered with social media fitness influencer Joey Swoll to help make gyms a safe space for all.

In his latest newsletter, The Pump Daily, Schwarzenegger addressed the age-old myth that lifting heavier is always better, citing the example of one of his idols, legendary bodybuilder Eugen Sandow.[2] Schwarzenegger wrote, “Progressive resistance (or progressive overload) is a principle that forces your muscles to grow by doing more work. Eugen Sandow was the first person to really popularise strength sports and bodybuilding at the turn of the last century. He was known for doing 125 reps with very, very light dumbbells. So if heavy weights make you happy, go for it. But if little weights make you happy, you’ve got good company! Do whatever you enjoy that makes you train.”[3]

Schwarzenegger also shared his toughest rival during his bodybuilding career, Sergio Oliva, who won the Mr. Olympia twice in a row before beating Schwarzenegger in 1969. He wrote, “He was the dragon I had to slay to get to the top. His body was incredible. Really, take a second and go google him. Just a monster, and a sweetheart of a guy. It took everything I had to beat him at the Mr. World and then the Mr. Olympia in 1970. I mean everything.”[4]

In addition to this, Schwarzenegger also provided tips on how to stay fit and build muscle and strength in his newsletter.[2] He suggested doing a five-minute routine of stretching, followed by a 10-second squat hold and 5-10 bodyweight squats.[0] He encouraged people to use the routine as a standalone or pre-workout warmup, which can be done anywhere and at any pace.[0]

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