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Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Expert Workout Advice for Beginners

Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is no stranger to the fitness industry.[0] After all, he is a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner and co-star of the 1977 documentary Pumping Iron. Recently, Arnold took to his daily newsletter, The Daily Pump, to share his expert workout advice for people looking to start their fitness journey.

From noteworthy pre-workouts to his podcast recommendations, Schwarzenegger had a platter of advice and suggestions for his readers. He suggested starting small by going on a 30-minute walk, and for those who walk all day but wish to gain more strength, try doing five push-ups and then five squats followed by four push-ups and four squats.[1] He also stressed the importance of incorporating new habits and staying consistent.[2]

Schwarzenegger suggested eating an hour or two before the workout and anytime within 3 hours after the workout as the ‘anabolic window’ is quite a bit longer than 30 minutes.[3] As for his diet advice, he suggests getting protein every meal and eating omelettes or scrambles with “absolutely every vegetable in them” for lunches, a salad, yogurt and granola for breakfast, and almonds for a snack.[4]

The former bodybuilder has been outspoken about eating a mostly plant-based diet to improve his heart and shared some of his favorite vegetarian foods that keep him energized. Schwarzenegger’s advice to beginners is really simple: begin and don’t stop until it is a routine.[5] “Train 10 minutes every day for a month. Then make it 15 minutes,” he said. “Motivation is fleeting, but routine is what carries you on. You need to make this a routine. Do whatever you can do every day for a month, and then build on that.”[2]

Schwarzenegger recently got involved in an accident with a cyclist.[6] However, the initial reports deemed him not to be at fault for the incident.[2] At 70+ years old, Schwarzenegger committed to staying dedicated and devoted to the same workout regimen that had brought him success.[7] With his advice, beginners can follow in his footsteps and strive to lead a better life.

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