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Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares His Expert Advice on How to Get Started on a Fitness Journey

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a living legend in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.[0] His seven-time Mr. Olympia title and decades of experience in the gym have made him an expert in the field. Recently, he shared his advice on how to get started on a fitness journey.

The 75-year-old Austrian Oak shared his expert advice in a recent edition of The Daily Pump. He emphasized the necessity of forming new habits and remaining consistent.[1] His advice for beginners is to “begin, and then don’t stop until it is a routine.”[2] He encourages people to set achievable goals and start with something small like a 30-minute walk. He also recommends doing 5 push-ups and 5 squats and then gradually increasing the reps.

Schwarzenegger also gave advice on diet and nutrition. He recommends eating a high-protein diet, with omelettes or scrambled eggs with vegetables for lunch and vegetable soup for dinner. He also suggested eating yogurt with granola and almonds or a protein shake as snacks.[3] The bodybuilding legend also recommends tracking every workout and avoiding using phones at the gym.[3]

Schwarzenegger has been an inspiration to many fitness enthusiasts.[4] With his advice and motivation, beginners can start and stick to their fitness journey. He believes that with the right routine, dedication and discipline, anyone can become fit and healthy.

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