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Bariatric Surgery Proven to Extend Lives, Reduce Mortality – Study Findings

Weight loss surgery techniques, known as bariatric surgery, have been utilized since the 1950s. Now, a new study published in the journal Obesity shows that weight-loss surgery could save and extend the lives of patients, setting them on a different path to health and longevity.

The study, titled “Long-term All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality for Four Bariatric Surgery Procedures,” was conducted by Ted Adams, an adjunct associate professor in nutrition and integrative physiology at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine.[0] It looked at the all-cause and cause-specific mortality for bariatric surgery procedures.[1]

For the study, over 22,000 people were matched (1:1) based on age, sex, BMI, and the date of bariatric surgery with a driving license/renewal date.[2] A Cox regression was conducted to evaluate the relationship between death rates, gender, type of surgery, and age at surgery.[3] An analysis showed that patients who underwent bariatric surgery experienced a 16% decrease in all-cause mortality compared to those who did not have surgery. Mortality was lower for both male and female individuals.[4] The mortality rate for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes decreased by 29%, 43%, and 72%, respectively, when comparing those who underwent surgery to those who did not.[3]

Adams said, “For all-causes of death, the mortality was reduced by 14% for females and by 21% for males. In addition, deaths from related causes, such as heart attack, cancer and diabetes, was 24% lower for females and 22% lower for males who underwent surgery compared with those who did not, he said. There was also a huge percentage drop — a 72% decline — in deaths related to diabetes in people who had surgery compared to those who did not.”[5]

However, the study also found that younger people who had bariatric surgery had a higher rate of suicide compared to younger people who didn’t have surgery. The authors of the research suggest that higher suicide rates among younger bariatric surgery patients should be addressed with more intensive pre-surgical psychiatric evaluation and post-surgery follow-up.

Weight loss surgery can have life changing — and even life-saving — outcomes for patients, but the procedures also have potential risks.

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