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Building Upper Body Strength with Pushups: Regular, Incline, and Decline Variations

The pushup is an incredibly versatile and effective exercise for gaining upper body strength. It requires the use of several major muscle groups in the upper body and is a great way to build muscle mass and strength.[0] Different pushup variations target different muscle groups, and there are tweaks for beginner and advanced exercisers to get the most out of the movement.

Incline pushups are performed by bracing your arms on a bench or exercise box. They specifically target the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core. Decline pushups are done by placing your feet on an elevated surface and target the chest, shoulders, and triceps.[1] Pike pushups target the chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs.

Pushups are an amazing full-body workout that can build muscle, strength, and endurance. For beginners, it’s important to master regular pushup form before adding in decline variations.[0] Advanced exercisers can add in tweaks like bracing one leg on the elevated surface or putting their hands on a stability ball to challenge their core muscles.

Overall, pushups are a great way to build your upper body strength and muscle mass. They can be done anywhere with no equipment and there are plenty of variations to keep your workouts interesting.

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