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Chris Bumstead’s Off-Season Training: Working Toward a 5th Olympia Title

Chris Bumstead, the reigning four-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, is ready to start his off-season training.[0] Taking a break from his usual 5000 calories per day diet, he has reduced it to 3500 calories per day.[1] Bumstead uploaded a video to his YouTube channel showing what he ate throughout the day to mark the beginning of his bulk.[2]

His bulking diet consists of 3508 calories over the course of five meals, including his supplement stack.[0] At the time the video was filmed, he said he weighed 250 pounds.[2] The 2023 Olympia will take place in Orlando from Nov. 2-5 and Bumstead will prepare to compete for his fifth consecutive Olympia title in the Classic Physique division.[2]

On February 11th, 2023, Chris Bumstead uploaded a video to his YouTube channel.[3] This video primarily focused on him updating his fans about the injury he suffered during the 2022 Olympia weekend.[3] This was his first biceps workout since the incident occurred.[3] “I’m more relay it on biceps, I’m not late on everything. Honestly, because…I do shoulder day or chest day I get so sore right now.”[3]

Prior to beginning his workout, Bumstead completed an off-camera warm-up that was not specified. Afterwards, he moved to the bench press station for a few sets of close-grip exercises.[4] He stated that he is only pushing his biceps to around “70 or 80 percent of failure,” in order to prevent exacerbating his injury.[4] Here are the exercises Bumstead performed on camera: Close Grip Barbell Bench Press, Cable Curls, Machine Overhead Triceps Extension, Machine Preacher Curls and Dumbbell Hammer Curls.[4]

Bumstead is taking this time to build a strong mind-muscle connection and is approaching the training with extreme caution.[5] He is focusing on building his strength and muscles without aggravating the bicep injury. He does not have any pain in the torn bicep as of now.[5] If he starts experiencing any pain, Bumstead will have to get himself checked and slow down a little bit in the gym.[5]

Following the workout session, Bumstead heads back home and prepares his first meal of the day.[6]

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