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The Benefits of a Cooling Mattress Cover

A cooling mattress cover is a great addition for anyone looking to stay cool and comfortable at night. These covers are designed to regulate body temperature and help to keep you cool throughout the night.

What is a cooling mattress cover?

A cooling mattress cover is a breathable and lightweight bedding solution designed to regulate sleep temperature. These covers are designed to keep your sheets cooler by distributing heat more evenly across the bed. Cooling mattress covers can help reduce body temperature and assist in preventing night sweats, optimizing comfort during sleep. They are also ideal for people who struggle with overheating due to medical conditions such as menopause, Fibromyalgia, or Multiple Sclerosis. Additionally, cooling mattress covers can provide protection from dust mites and allergens, inhibiting the growth of bacteria for a healthier sleeping environment.

Cooling mattress covers are available in various sizes and styles, depending on your needs and preferences. Choose from full coverage options that fit over your entire mattress or those that just cover the top of your bedding. Mattress protectors constructed with “Phase Change Material” (PCM) linings actively absorb and disperse heat while allowing air circulation throughout the bedding layers; they are particularly great for hot sleepers as they help keep body temperatures at comfortable levels throughout the night. For those seeking additional comfort features, many cooling mattress cover manufacturers offer models lightly padded with memory foam or foam insulation layers to provide extra cushioning without drastically increasing heat retention levels between fabric layers.

Benefits of a cooling mattress cover

A cooling mattress cover is designed to keep you cool, comfortable and relaxed while sleeping. It works through various technologies such as air flow channels, cooling gel technology, breathable fabrics and cooling fibers. This mattress cover can help reduce the amount of tossing and turning experienced during a night’s sleep by providing an even surface temperature. In addition, it keeps the body temperature optimal throughout the night in order to promote better blood circulation in the body’s tissues and provide ergonomic support for the spine.

The cooling mattress cover can be used for all types of mattresses including memory foam, latex foam and spring mattresses. It provides a better sleeping environment that improves sleep quality by helping to reduce heat buildup throughout the night. By regulating temperature more effectively than traditional materials, such as cotton or polyester blends, it prevents nocturnal heat waves from causing excessive perspiration or discomfort due to excess body-generated heat when asleep.

The cooling system also reduces dust mites from breeding inside your mattress as well as providing protection against allergens that could irritate your skin or lungs when sleeping. Its reduced thickness allows for easier transportation of the bedding for camping or travel expeditions without contributing extra weight to your load. As an added bonus, its anti-microbial features protect against bacteria, mold and mildew buildup over time ensuring many years of comfortable use while keeping your mattress fresh and clean at all times!

Types of Cooling Mattress Covers

Cooling mattress covers are becoming increasingly popular for those who tend to sleep hot. They provide an extra layer of protection for your mattress and can reduce heat retention and moisture.

There are many types of cooling mattress covers available, from breathable materials to advanced foam and gel technologies. Let’s look at the various types of cooling mattress covers and their benefits:

Cotton cooling mattress covers

Cotton cooling mattress covers are a great way to keep your mattress cool, providing a comfortable and hygienic sleep environment all year round. Cotton is a natural, breathable material and as such absorb sweat, excessive heat and moisture which can lead to the build up of bacteria in the mattress.

A cotton cooling mattress cover helps to keep your bed healthy by allowing air to circulate around the mattress keeping it at an optimal temperature. Cotton cooling mattress covers also protect against stains, dust mites and general wear and tear which can make your mattress last longer.

Cotton cooling covers are lightweight, machine washable and come in a variety of styles from fitted sheet style covers to quilted velvet options for extra comforts.

Gel cooling mattress covers

Gel cooling mattress covers are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to find a cool and comfortable sleeping experience. They are constructed of a lightweight flow-cool fabric that has been infused with a gel material that draws heat away from your body then disperses it quickly into the air. This feature helps regulate body temperature, so you can enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep without being disturbed by overheating or uncomfortable sweating. The flow-cool fabric also provides enhanced breathability for greater comfort and better ventilation, making sure you get the best night’s sleep.

Gel cooling mattress covers are easy to care for as well, as they can often be machine washed on cold or delicate settings and tumble dried on low heat. These covers also typically come with an elastic band around their edges that keeps them in place, so they won’t bunch up in the middle of the night and disrupt your sleep.

Memory foam cooling mattress covers

Memory foam cooling mattress covers are designed to provide an extra layer of comfort, while maintaining air flow to keep your mattress and bed cool. These covers come in a variety of styles and materials, including memory foam, polyester-cotton blend, cotton or wool.

When shopping for a memory foam cooling mattress cover, there are a few key features you’ll want to look for in order to ensure the best comfort and performance. Look for breathable materials that allow air to circulate through the cover. Memory foam is designed with open-cell technology that provides maximum airflow for a cooler night’s sleep. Water-resistant fabrics or barrier membranes can also help to reduce moisture overnight. Additionally, some memory foam mattresses feature ventilated bases underneath the mattress help further cool temperature as well as stimulate airflow by increasing circulation and dissipating heat.

Another great feature when it comes to covering your mattress is anti-microbial technology to prevent dust mites and other allergens from breeding in your bedding. Many premium fabrics are treated with antimicrobial chemicals that kill various microorganisms on contact and prevent them from growing over time – essential if you suffer from respiratory concerns or allergies.

How to Choose the Right Cooling Mattress Cover

When it comes to sleep comfort, it’s important to choose the right cooling mattress cover. This type of mattress cover can help regulate your body temperature throughout the night and provide a more comfortable sleeping experience. But which one is the right one for you?

In this article, we will explore the different types of cooling mattress covers available and how to choose the one that will work best for you:

Consider your sleeping position

One of the important factors to consider when selecting a cooling mattress cover is your natural sleeping position and how much support you need from your mattress. For example, stomach sleepers tend to need less cushioning than side sleepers, who can experience more pressure on their arms and hips. Therefore, stomach sleepers should opt for a thinner cooling mattress cover for minimal cushioning. Meanwhile, side sleepers should choose a cooling mattress cover with added thickness and softer material that allows them to sink into it without feeling uncomfortable or having poor posture while they rest.

Additionally, back sleepers who need extra spine support may opt for a thicker cooling mattress cover to provide additional cushioning while wicking away heat so they can achieve optimal temperature comfort during the night.

Consider the size of your bed

Choosing the right cooling mattress cover for your bed depends on finding the correct size and material that are designed to meet your individual preferences and needs.

When selecting a cooling mattress topper, consider the size of your bed and make sure you purchase a topper that matches your bed’s size. If you have an extra large bed such as a California king or an Eastern King, you’ll need to buy an extra large cooling mattress cover in order for it to fit snugly onto the mattress. Smaller sizes like Twin and Full are best suited for standard beds.

Keep in mind that many cooling mattress covers are available as universal sizes. These can be stretched to fit any size of bed which makes them perfect if you have more than one type of bed at home or if you switch beds frequently.

Make sure you measure your bed accurately before selecting a cooling mattress cover so that you get one with the right dimensions that fits securely on your mattress without bunching up or slipping off during use.

Consider the material of the cooling mattress cover

When choosing a cooling mattress cover, the material can be an important factor to consider. The most common material option is one made with bamboo-derived rayon fibers. Bamboo-derived fabric is a highly breathable material that retains its shape and naturally maintains an optimal temperature for comfortable, undisturbed sleep.

Another popular type of fabric for cooling covers is cotton jersey. Made from 100% cotton, this fabric provides a smooth and soft surface that helps wick away moisture and regulate body temperature all night long. High thread count blankets made with jersey cotton are great for keeping you cool in the summer months and snuggly warm in the winter months.

If you want extra protection against allergens such as dust mites, pet hair, dander and pollen, look for a cooling mattress cover made from polyester or another non-allergenic material like microfiber. This type of mattress cover provides extra protection without compromising on breathability since it offers good airflow for a comfortable sleeping experience.

Finally, there are also specialty materials like Outlast® fabric which is designed to absorb excess heat that your body puts out to help keep you at an ideal temperature throughout the night. This material is perfect for people who suffer from hot flashes or night sweats since it helps prevent overheating by dissipating excess heat buildup from under your mattress cover. With so many cooling mattress cover options available on today’s market, you can be sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly!

Consider the thickness of the cooling mattress cover

Choosing the right cooling mattress cover for your bed is an important part of creating an overall comfortable sleeping experience. When considering a cooling mattress cover, start by looking at the thickness of the cover. The thickness of a mattress cover can be an indicator of how well it will keep moisture away from your skin, which can lead to improved sleep. Thicker covers often regulate heat better and create more cushioning than thinner covers.

When choosing a cooling mattress cover, make sure that it is breathable and allows some airflow between your body and the mattress itself. Cooling mattress covers are designed to disperse heat as you sleep as opposed to thick blankets or bulky comforters that can trap your body heat and prevent proper circulation of air around you while you sleep. They are typically made with materials such as cotton or bamboo that act as natural insulators between your body and the mattress, providing many beneficial qualities such as wicking away sweat and dead skin cells from your body during sleep. Additionally, these materials are usually lighter in weight than heavier fabrics like wool or flannel comforters, which can make them more comfortable to use during warmer months when temperature regulation is especially important for a good night’s rest.

Finally, when selecting a cooling mattress cover for summertime sleeping comfort, consider whether additional features on the cover will be beneficial for you such as built-in pillows, waterproof layers or adjustable straps that help keep the cover in place over night as you move around in bed. These features may add to the cost but may be worth it if they provide added comfort while temperature regulating during those warm weather nights.

Care and Maintenance

It’s important to properly care for your cooling mattress cover in order to ensure its longevity and quality. Generally, cooling mattress covers should be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle in your washing machine. To help keep your cooling mattress cover in top condition, it is best to avoid using bleach and fabric softener when washing.

Taking the time to properly care for your cooling mattress pad can help extend its life and keep it in optimal condition.

Cleaning instructions

It is important to care for your cooling mattress cover properly in order to maintain its high quality and longevity. The best way to clean your cooling mattress cover is to spot clean it—that means use cool water, a mild detergent, and nothing abrasive. Do not put this product in the washing machine or dryer as it will damage the materials and shorten the lifespan of the item.

To spot clean effectively, a brush with stiff bristles such as an old toothbrush can be used on any areas needing attention. Blot any stains with a damp cloth first before using a mild detergent directly on the area. Once you have scrubbed the affected spot, rinse it several times with cool water until all soap residue is removed. Then let it air dry before putting your cooling mattress cover back on your bed.

It is also important to keep the ventilated mattress protector away from direct sunlight when not in use, as this can damage materials and cause discoloration over time. If using drying options, such as an iron or hair-dryer, take extra caution as too much heat may also cause harm to materials and fastenings over time. Lastly, store in a cool and dry place when not in use to ensure optimal quality for years of restful sleep ahead!

How to store a cooling mattress cover

Correct storage of your cooling mattress cover is essential to maintain its quality and keep it working effectively. Without proper storage, the mattress cover could become damaged or lose its integrity. There are several things to consider when storing a cooling mattress cover:

  • Fold the cover as much as possible in order to minimize the amount of space it takes up in storage.
  • Make sure that you store the mattress cover in a dry, odor-free location with plenty of air circulation.
  • Keep the mattress cover away from any direct sources of heat or light, including radiators, vents, air ducts, and windows or doors that receive natural sunlight. This will help to ensure that your mattress stays cool and comfortable for when you need it most!
  • If possible, place the cooling mattress cover into an airtight container or plastic bag before storing it away from direct heat sources. This will help to keep out dust particles which can damage your cooling mattress over time.
  • When putting away for long periods of time (longer than 2 months), use an appropriate-sized vacuum bag for storage and make sure all air is removed before sealing shut. This extra layer of protection may prolong your cooling mattress’ life significantly!


In conclusion, investing in a cooling mattress cover is an excellent way to improve your sleep and get the most out of your mattress. Not only can it drastically reduce the surface temperature of your bed, but it can also provide added protection from allergens and dust mites.

The best cooling mattress cover on the market is one that is made from moisture-wicking breathable fabric with good air-flow to ensure adequate levels of heat dissipation and maximum comfort. Most importantly, choose a cooling mattress cover that fits correctly on your mattress so that you maintain healthy spinal alignment throughout the night and achieve optimal sleeping conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a cooling mattress cover?

A: A cooling mattress cover is a mattress pad designed to keep your bed cool by absorbing and redistributing heat. It can be made of a variety of materials, such as cotton, polyester, or special cooling fabrics, and is designed to fit snugly over your mattress.

Q: How does a cooling mattress cover work?

A: A cooling mattress cover works by absorbing and redistributing heat away from your body while you sleep. It’s designed to fit snugly over your mattress, and the material is often made of special cooling fabrics. This helps to reduce the amount of heat that gets trapped in your mattress, keeping your bed cool and comfortable all night long.

Q: How do I care for a cooling mattress cover?

A: Caring for a cooling mattress cover is easy. Most covers can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry on low. It is best to avoid using fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as these can reduce the cooling effect of the cover.

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