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Dorian Yates: Adapting His Goals and Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle

Dorian Yates, the 6-time Mr. Olympia champion and one of the greatest bodybuilders of all-time, recently shared an update from his trip to Brazil on Instagram.[0] The post featured Yates’ jacked physique and highlighted his lifestyle and mindset shift since retiring from professional bodybuilding.[0]

Yates started his post with a question from a fan who asked if he ever “hated the thought of getting smaller,” to which he responded that it was “okay for [his] goals to change.” With this in mind, Yates shifted his focus away from heavy weights and instead began to focus on his mobility, cardio, breathing, mental, and spiritual health.

He also shared that when training with weights he “uses a moderate weight just to maintain muscle & strength.”[1] This shift in focus is quite remarkable when considering his impressive record in bodybuilding, where he won the Mr. Olympia title six times in a row from 1992-1997.[2]

Yates has also revealed that he has lost some muscle since retiring from the sport in 1997. This is understandable considering that he had told Generation Iron that bodybuilding was “starting to feel like a job,” and that he would “think about stopping” if he ever felt that way.[1]

Ultimately, it’s clear that Dorian Yates is living his best life.[0] He has achieved success in bodybuilding and is now exploring different methods of improving his health. He has embraced the fact that goals can change and is sharing his knowledge with his fans.[1]

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