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Dorian Yates Finds Balance After Retiring From Bodybuilding, Shares Insights on His New Training Regimen

Dorian Yates, the six-time Mr. Olympia champion, is living his best life after retiring from bodybuilding. In a recent post on Instagram, Yates, now 60, showed off his jacked physique in a recent update from his trip to Brazil.[0] Speaking on his mindset shift after retiring from competition, Dorian explained that he shifted more towards working on mobility, cardio, breathing, mental, spiritual health and fitness.

When asked if he ever hated the thought of getting smaller, Dorian responded: “It’s okay for your goals to change. It’s actually important that they do.”[1] He then went on to explain that when training with weights nowadays, he uses a moderate weight just to maintain muscle and strength.[1]

Dorian Yates was a pioneer for bodybuilding in the United Kingdom and his barn door back helped him become a six-time Mr. Olympia champion. Yates retired from the sport in 1997, as he admitted to Generation Iron that bodybuilding was “starting to feel like a job.”[2] He stated: “I kind of told myself that when it started to feel like that, then I would think about stopping.”[2]

Despite retiring from professional bodybuilding many years ago, Dorian Yates carries a passion for fitness and his latest physique update is proof of that.[0] Yates has a courageous attitude when it comes to discovering different ways to not only sustain, but also enhance his wellbeing.[1]

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