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Exercise May Be a Powerful Tool for Treating Mental Health Disorders

According to a new meta-analysis of 41 studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, exercise may be an effective way to treat a range of mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety. In fact, it could be even more effective than medication or counseling.

The analysis found that supervised and group exercise, particularly moderate intensity aerobic exercises, can be beneficial in helping to relieve symptoms of depression. It was found to be 1.5 times more effective than either medication or cognitive behavior therapy.[0]

The Mayo Clinic also supports the findings, recommending regular exercise to help decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Exercise is a great way to build your mental health toolkit, and can be just as important as traditional treatments like therapy and medication.

Overall, this research underscores the importance of exercise for managing depression, anxiety, and psychological distress. Not only can it help to reduce symptoms, but it can also be a powerful and effective form of treatment.

0. “Exercise Is Even More Effective Than Counselling or Medication for Depression” Neuroscience News, 12 Mar. 2023,

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