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Exercising in the Morning Could Increase Fat Burn: Study

Exercise is a key factor in maintaining overall health and well-being, but it can be difficult to determine the ideal amount and timing for the best results.[0] Now, researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, in partnership with the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, have found that exercising in the morning helps increase fat burn compared to working out in the evening in models of mice.

The journal PNAS recently published the study.[1] The researchers investigated if the timing of exercise influences fat metabolism by analyzing the adipose tissue of mice after a high-intensity workout conducted at two separate times of the day – when the mice started to be active, and when they were in the initial stages of resting. These times indicate a late morning and late evening workout for humans.

The scientists studied various markers for fat metabolism and analyzed which genes were active in fat tissue after exercise. They examined a period of activity in the early hours and an early period of rest, which would equate to a late morning and late evening session in humans.

The findings of the study revealed that exercising in the late morning could be more effective in fat burning. The researchers discovered that the impact of acute exercise on adipose tissue is determined by the time of day, regardless of whether or not an individual has eaten. It seems that the sensitivity of adipose tissue to exercise is time-sensitive and is regulated in a cell-specific way, as seen in the increased expression of metabolic genes during the early active phase. Consequently, the timing of physical activity may help to keep energy balance in check for those with cardiometabolic disease.[2]

The team also determined the optimal dose of exercise for fat burning, finding that 39% of patients who were exercising briskly for 150 minutes per week or more achieved a significant treatment response compared to 26% of those who were exercising less than that.[3]

While Professor Jerker Zierath, a senior author of the study, agreed that the time of day could affect how physical activity impacts the body, he added that “there is no current scientific agreement on the ‘best time of day’ for exercise, as what is likely more important is what is most behaviorally sound for that particular individual. It is unlikely that exercising at a particular time of day is more effective for fat loss than the concept of ‘calories in versus calories out’.

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