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Find Out Who Will Win Physical: 100 on February 21st!

Episodes 1-8 of the popular South Korean Netflix reality show Physical: 100 are now available for streaming. The series finale will air on Tuesday, February 21, 2021, when viewers will find out who the show’s first winner will be.[0] To make sure you don’t miss the last episode, make sure to check out our guide explaining what time new episodes of Physical: 100 are released on Netflix.

Physical: 100 is a competition show that features 100 of South Korea’s strongest people from all sorts of athletic backgrounds, age ranges, professions, and walks of life.[1] The contestants face grueling challenges that test their willpower, strength, dexterity, and endurance.[2] After each challenge, the weakest contestant is eliminated and must take a hammer to a cast of their torso.[3] The last one standing will walk away with the title of having the “most perfect physical body” and a cash prize of 300 million won (about $240,000 USD).

In the last two episodes of the series, the cast members were divided into two teams and had to drag a large 1.5-ton boat across the room. Choo Sung-hoon and Jo Jin-hyeong’s team managed to move the boat the fastest, completing the challenge in 13 mins and 34 seconds.[4] The final quest, The Punishment of Sisyphus, requires contestants to push a 100kg boulder up and over a hill until they can’t anymore.[5]

The five finalists competing for Physical: 100’s cash prize are Car dealer Jo Jin-hyeong, luger Park Jin-yong, ice climber Kim Min-cheol, Crossfitter Woo Jin-yong, and either Olympics gold medalist Yun Sung-bin or cyclist Jeong Hae-min.[6] Kim Min-cheol has been a standout competitor since the very beginning, easily outlasting everyone in the hanging pre-challenge. His work with the Bukhansan special mountain rescue team, along with his impressive performances in the challenges, make him a likely candidate to win the competition.[7]

Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday, February 21 at the designated release time in your region (12 am PDT, 3 am EDT, 8 am UK, 5 am Brazil, 9 am Central European Summer Time, 1:20 pm Indian Standard Time) to find out who will take home the cash prize on Physical: 100.

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