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Finding the Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Finding the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers can be difficult.[0] From air-cooled systems like the BedJet to natural fiber, breathable mattress toppers, there are a variety of cooling systems available to keep you comfortable during the night. Different types of cooling systems, such as air and water cooled, vary in price and complexity.[1]

The Performance cooling mattress pad by Slumber Cloud is designed to keep you cool during the night by absorbing the body heat that builds up between you and the bed. It’s lightweight and breathable, and you can adjust the temperature of each side of your bed using the app. The Sleep Pod by Eight Sleep is a complete mattress with a water-based cooling system embedded into it.[2] It contains five layers, four of which are foam, and the fifth is an active, water-powered layer.[2]

The Night Bliss bed fan is an amazing, cost-effective way to keep your bed cool. It works by having you place a gadget under your blankets and by emitting cold air directly under your blanket.[2] Chilisleep’s Ooler Sleep system is an exceptional bed cooling system composed of two components.[3] The control unit is first and foremost responsible for managing the water temperature, pressure, and ensuring the pad stays at the desired temperature continually.[3]

For the best cooling mattress, look for one with a coil support core and a breathable comfort layer.[4] These mattresses are temperature neutral and provide great airflow.[5] It’s also important to maintain a cooler room temperature for optimal sleep. Sleep tracking technology can help you monitor your sleeping cycles to support better sleeping habits.[6] Finally, look for mattresses with a long sleep trial and lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

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