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Former Fitness Influencer Facing Trial Launches New Venture After Radical Life Change

Brittany Dawn Davis, a former fitness influencer from Texas, is facing trial for allegedly scamming clients who purchased her online fitness and nutrition program.[0] Davis is accused of misleading customers who signed up for her customized fitness and nutrition packages, not delivering on the personalized fitness packages, coaching, and check-ins that she promised them.[1]

In the midst of the trial, Davis has embarked on a new venture as the founder of She Lives Freed – a team of 14 women who organize faith retreats in various locations in the country, with ticket prices costing $600 per person.[0]

The lawsuit filed against Davis and her fitness company states that beginning in 2014, she and her company profited from the sale of online fitness packages to thousands of consumers with the promise of personalized nutritional guidance and individualized fitness coaching. However, plaintiffs allege that the plans “were not individualized” and that Davis didn’t provide the coaching and check-ins that were promised upon completing the purchase.[0]

Davis recently posted an Instagram message saying that it is now her time to “fight back” and that, despite staying composed and silent for over four years, “they have no idea who they’re messing with.”[1]

She Lives Freed was founded by Davis in 2019 after the Lord “radically changed her life.” The organization’s mission is to “share the gospel of Jesus, cultivate a community of sisters, and walk alongside women into freedom through the love of our Savior.” As of now, six retreats have taken place, with the next one scheduled to take place in Oklahoma.[2]

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