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Former Lawyer, Ilene Block, Transforms Her Body at Age 63 Through Bodybuilding

Ilene Block, a 63-year-old former lawyer from Hawaii, is unrecognizable after becoming a super-fit bodybuilder at the age of 60.[0] When she turned 60, she decided to take a step back from dieting, but ended up gaining around 30lbs.[0] Realizing that this was not the way she wanted to live her life, Ilene decided to take matters into her own hands and signed up for a macro-based program.

Within a year, she lost 40lbs and became fit and healthy again.[0] She began her preparation for her bodybuilding shows in January 2022 with a mini build for her muscles and by June she started to cut.[1] She lost 24lbs in 25 weeks during her prep for the show and got down to 120lbs by the time she stepped on stage.[1]

Ilene said: “I want to prove that stereotypes aren’t true and that women can do whatever they want at whatever age.”[0] She is now training six times a week, with a focus on weight lifting, and has competed in two figure competitions with more on the horizon.[2]

Since beginning her bodybuilding and fitness journey in her 40s, Lesley Maxwell, 64, has earned more than 30 titles and awards.[3] She wrote: “I love helping my clients achieve their fitness and body goals. We can change our body shape and health from training and eating efficiently.”[3]

Ilene is determined to change older women’s perspectives and inspire as many people as possible. She said: “I am so grateful and honoured for this opportunity to represent women of a certain age at this prestigious show.[4] I am going to spend this year focusing on building my body before cutting again for the shows which will be around my 65th birthday.[2]

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