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Get a Flat Belly in 10 Minutes: This Exercise Routine is Designed to Reduce Fat Around the Abdominal Area

Are you looking to reduce belly fat quickly and effectively?[0] Look no further! This 10-minute exercise routine is designed to target and reduce fat around the abdominal area, and with just a few minutes of dedicated effort each day, you can see significant results in a short amount of time.[0] Whether you’re looking to fit into those favorite jeans, feel more confident in a swimsuit, or just improve your overall health, this workout can help you reach your goals.[1]

This 10-minute mat routine is comprised of five exercises, each designed to target and tone your abdominal muscles.[2] To begin, roll onto your back with your hands underneath your butt, and bring your legs directly above your hips so they are straight in the air. Then, lower your legs down to about one inch off the mat, lift your legs back up above your hips, and repeat this movement for 20 reps. For the next exercise, roll to your right side, and place your right forearm down on the mat. Extend your legs out to the front corner of your mat, and bring your left hand over your shoulder. As you inhale, lift your legs up towards the ceiling and reach your left hand towards your feet, tapping them.[3] Hold that squeeze at the top for a second, and then exhale to lower down to the starting position.[3] Repeat this movement for 15 reps on each side.[4]

Next, let’s do some reverse crunches.[5] Lay on the mat, ensuring your lower back is straight.[6] Bring your feet back towards your torso, engaging your core and flexing your abdominal muscles. Then, slowly lower your legs to the floor while keeping tension in your core. After this, roll over onto your back, and start with your legs in a tabletop position with your knees over your hips and your feet in line with your knees. As you lift your left shoulder blade off the floor, bring your left elbow to your right knee and lift your left leg one inch above the ground. [3] Do 20 reps with each leg slowly, then do 10 reps with each leg quickly.[3]

At last, we have plank up downs.[2] Begin this exercise by assuming a plank position with your hands positioned wider than your shoulders.[2] Lower your right elbow to the ground, engaging your core, then your left elbow.[6]

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