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Get a Full-Body Workout with Just a Pair of Dumbbells!

If you’re looking for an efficient and effective way to stay active, full-body workouts with dumbbells are a great option.[0] Not only are they great for building strength, but they’ll also help improve your coordination and balance. With the right exercises, you can work out every major muscle group in your body with just a pair of dumbbells in a single session.[1]

A great example of a full-body dumbbell workout is the session from Sweat app trainer Britany Williams.[1] It uses just eight exercises to target your whole body, and only takes 30 minutes.[1] When performing the exercises, use a pair of adjustable dumbbells to increase the weight as your strength grows and progressively overload your muscles for maximum results.[1]

Perform each of the four moves for 30 seconds consecutively to complete the circuit.[2] Do this three times consecutively, with minimal rest between movements, to complete the task.[2] Compound exercises, such as alternating snatches, will engage muscles in your upper and lower body, particularly those in your thighs and shoulders.

If you’re short on time and looking to squeeze in one or two efficient exercise sessions each week, full-body workouts with dumbbells are an excellent way to train.[1] You can also improve your mobility with these anti-aging yoga moves, or work on your top half with this upper-body workout. After you finish your session, cool down with this yoga stretching routine to help you avoid injury and reduce post-workout pain.[1]

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