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Get Fit and Flexible with Pilates: A 30 Minute Routine for All Fitness Levels

Pilates is a form of exercise that targets the whole body, helping to develop strength and flexibility using low-impact movements. Pilates can be done either on the floor with a mat, or on a specialized machine called a reformer.[0] Pilates is suitable for people of all fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes. We’d recommend weaving Pilates into your weekly schedule around strength training sessions as the two types of exercises complement each other well.[1] Weighted exercises such as the squat and deadlift can be performed with increased stability and mobility when you incorporate Pilates into your workout routine.

A Pilates workout is composed of a sequence of recurring motion sequences. These exercises are intended to increase strength in the targeted muscles as well as enhance flexibility. A regular Pilates practice helps you get stronger, tone your core, improve your posture, increase flexibility and sculpt your full body, providing rapid improvement and benefits.

Low-impact activities such as Pilates don’t put as much strain on your body and are a great way to stay active without putting your joints at risk. Therefore, Pilates is an excellent choice for those with joint pain or other injuries that limit their mobility. Practitioners of Pilates can gain increased control over their body movement through the practice of exercises that are performed at a controlled, deliberate pace. According to the Mayo Clinic, Pilates may also improve core strength, posture and symptoms of back pain. Additionally, many people derive therapeutic benefits, both mental and physical, from practicing Pilates.

This 30-minute routine is perfect for intermediate and advanced Pilates enthusiasts. This series has a slow-paced core workout with plenty of movement, side plank crunches that need lots of balance, and small leg pulses that will definitely get your glutes going – in a good way![2] At the start of this class, you’ll engage in yoga-style stretching followed by squats, heel lifts, and other targeted movements to work muscles you may not have known you had.[2] Pilates is all about the small, precise movements that you do over and over again until you feel the burn.[2] Take your time with each exercise, and execute with precision, to ensure that you make the most out of your mat session.[2]

Incorporate the Pilates ring into your workout routine to target your inner thighs. Put your legs through the Pilates ring and place the pads on the outer thighs. Repeat these movements with the ring outside of your legs.[3]

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