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Gym Creep” Trend Sparks Heated Debate Over Harassment of Women at the Gym

The latest trend on TikTok is sparking a heated debate, as videos with the hashtags #GymCreep and #GymWeirdo have gained over 100 million views in the past 18 months.[0] The trend is calling out the harassment of women at the gym and has left people divided over who is the real victim.[0]

The video that sparked the conversation was uploaded by Gina, who was being harassed at the gym by a man. In the video, she is seen in a tight sports bra and blue shorts, showing off her figure.[1] As she films him, the man can be heard saying “you look great though” and “you look so good.” Gina explains that she started recording him so that everyone in the gym was made uncomfortable.

Joey, a social media personality, responded to the video by saying that there is a “big difference between staring at somebody or looking and glancing at them” and “being an actual creep.”[2] He went on to say that while women do get harassed in the gym, Gina was not one of them. This response has left people divided, with some arguing that Joey is trivializing the issue and encouraging a culture of harassment.

A survey conducted by Run Repeat in 2021 found that 56% of women reported facing harassment while working out.[3] The Gym Group has responded to the issue by saying that they have policies in place to ensure that members are aware of what behaviour is not acceptable.[3] It is clear that this issue needs to be taken seriously, and people need to be aware that harassment of any kind is not acceptable.

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