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Improve Sexual Performance with Yoga and Pelvic Floor Exercises

Men looking for a non-medical way to combat premature ejaculation may want to try yoga and pelvic floor exercises.[0] This is according to a new review that suggests physical activity could be a game changer in improving men’s performance in bed.

The review, headed by researchers from Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom, focused on men who had premature ejaculation.[1] After analysing 54 studies including 3,485 men, the authors of the review conclude that physical activity should be looked at as a potential strategy to help men improve their sexual performance.

The review included a recent study of men with premature ejaculation, among whom 26 men undertook 12 weeks of yoga. On average, male volunteers who practiced yoga saw their time spent in bed nearly triple, from 26 seconds to just under a minute and a half. Research in addition has revealed that, following eight weeks of yoga practice among 38 individuals, there was an advancement in ejaculatory latency.

A study reviewed in the review suggests that running for a minimum of thirty minutes, five times a week, may help men last an additional two and a half minutes.[1] Research results showed that running for 30 minutes, five days a week had the same effect on latency period – the amount of time needed to ejaculate – as taking dapoxetine, a medication used to treat the condition.[0]

It was observed that daily pelvic floor exercises over a period of three months prolonged the median ejaculation time from one to three minutes.[0] Engaging in physical activity can improve one’s mental wellbeing, thus decreasing feelings of anxiety related to sexual activities and enabling individuals to last longer.[2]

The research showed that physical activity could be an effective intervention, comparable to drugs but without any side effects.[0] Lee Smith, professor of public health at Anglia Ruskin University and senior author of the review, said: “Strategies for men to help them last longer in the bedroom could help improve their relationship with their partner and their self-esteem. Most men may not have performed as well as they wanted to at some point, and could benefit from lifestyle changes and techniques to help last longer.”[3]

Individuals looking to extend their performance in the bedroom may find benefit in performing yoga and pelvic floor exercises.

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