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Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Expert Advice

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a living legend in the world of bodybuilding.[0] From his seven consecutive Mr. Olympia titles to his action movie fame, the famed fitness enthusiast has been an icon for those looking to get into a fitness routine and build strength for decades.[1] Recently, Schwarzenegger shared his expert workout advice on an impromptu social media appearance in response to fans’ questions, offering simple but challenging exercises and diets for those looking to start their fitness journey.

For starters, Schwarzenegger suggests tracking every workout and avoiding the use of phones at the gym to stay focused. Additionally, he recommends eating more protein in every meal and tracking workouts, as well as focusing on simple exercises. Schwarzenegger also suggests eating omelettes or scrambles with “absolutely every vegetable in them” for lunch, with a salad, yogurt and granola for breakfast, and almonds as a snack.[2] Dinner is typically vegetable soup with pumpkin oil.[2]

Schwarzenegger’s five-minute daily routine offers exercises such as the 90/90 hip switch, which is great for targeting tight adductors and improving hip flexion. He also recommends 10-second squat holds and 5-10 bodyweight squats, depending on ability.[3] Schwarzenegger advises that the routine should take around five minutes and can be tailored to each individual’s needs.[3]

The bodybuilding star also encourages eating a mostly plant-based diet to improve heart health and shared some of his favorite vegetarian meals that keep him energized. Lastly, he encourages beginners by saying, “My advice to beginners is really simple: begin, and then don’t stop until it is a routine.”[4]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s expert advice on fitness can help beginners to jumpstart their fitness journey. With his simple but challenging workouts and diet advice, anyone can get their health and wellbeing in check and start their journey towards better fitness.

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