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Katia Katerina’s Powerful Response to Trolls Who Criticized Her for Wearing Gymshark

Katia Katerina, who posts online under the username @katiakaterinaaa, recently shared a video of herself working out at the gym.[0] Unfortunately, it was met with nasty comments from trolls, one of which told her to “stop wearing Gymshark” because of her size.[0] Unfazed by the hurtful words, Katerina used the opportunity to remind viewers of three important points.

First, she reminded us that “other girls can wear it. Anybody can wear it. If it fits you, you can wear it. You can’t tell anybody what to wear, period.”[1] She then addressed her own self-image, affirming that “I am beautiful. People are saying cap, stop lying to her. She’s not beautiful. I am beautiful. First of all, it’s on the inside. What matters, obviously, but I’m still beautiful.”[0]

Finally, she explained that she posts these videos because she is confident in her weight loss journey and will eventually reach her goal.[1] This sentiment was echoed by other commenters, who expressed their support and admiration for her.

Gymshark also showed its support, writing, “You are BEAUTIFUL! And we love you in our products. P.s keep an eye out in the DMs.”[1] This response demonstrates that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that nobody should be shamed for wearing whatever makes them feel comfortable and confident.

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