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Living His Best Life: Dorian Yates at 60

Dorian Yates is a former six-time Mr. Olympia bodybuilder and a legend in the sport.[0] While he may not be competing anymore, Dorian still carries a passion for fitness and recently shared a post on Instagram showing off his jacked physique at the age of 60.[0]

The post was taken on a beach in Brazil, and Yates used the caption to share his thoughts on his mindset shift after retiring from competition.[1] He said: “When my bodybuilding career ended, I continued to train fairly hard and heavy, but over the years I questioned what I really needed and what I could improve upon. So I shifted more towards working on my mobility, cardio, breathing, mental, spiritual health, and fitness.”[2]

It is clear that Yates is living his best life and exploring different methods of staying healthy.[1] His response to a fan comment showed acceptance of his changing body and goals, saying: “It’s okay for your goals to change. It’s actually important that they do.”[1]

In 1997, Yates decided to retire from bodybuilding, confessing to Generation Iron that it was “starting to feel like a job.”[3] He said: “I kind of told myself that when it started to feel like that, then I would think about stopping.”[3]

Dorian Yates is a living example of how it is never too late to be fit and healthy. His dedication to fitness and his acceptance of his changing body is inspiring for all.

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