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Lose Belly Fat in 10 Minutes with This Effective Workout

Are you looking to lose belly fat and get a flat, toned tummy?[0] If so, this 10 minute workout is perfect for you.[0] This quick and effective exercise routine is designed to target and reduce belly fat in just a few minutes each day.[1] With dedication and consistency, you can reach your goals and feel confident and healthy in your own skin.[2]

The goal is to complete each exercise for 40 seconds, take a 20-second break, then move on to the next one.[3] By doing so, it is possible to perform five exercises in only five minutes.[3] If you have the availability for an extended period, repeat the cycle four to five times.[3] Begin with a five-minute stretching routine, then move on to a five-minute jog or jump rope.[4]

Next, you’ll do a high plank, where you’ll start in a plank position with your hands lined up under your shoulders, your toes planted on the floor, and your torso straight. Next, lower yourself towards the floor with control before pushing back up.[5] You’ll also do plank up downs, which involves starting in a plank position with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Lower your right elbow to the ground, engaging your core, then your left elbow.[0] Return to the plank position, then repeat the same steps on the opposite side.[0] Try to do this exercise 10 times.[0]

Finally, if you’d like to challenge your body and develop strength, best barbell abs exercises for a six pack are a great option.[1] With just a few minutes of dedication and effort each day, you can see significant results in a short amount of time.[2]

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