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medical detox in Huntington Beach

Coastline Behavioral Health is a top treatment facility for a medical detox in Huntington Beach. It is one of the few rehabs to accept new patients during the pandemic. With customized detox treatments and a skilled medical team, we help our patients attain comprehensive recovery from addiction in a state-of-the-art facility.

What is drug or alcohol withdrawal?

Abusing drugs or alcohol over extended periods of time can cause your brain to develop a tolerance over time, altering its chemical makeup. The disturbance caused by drugs/alcohol in your brain chemistry can prevent you from coping without the drug. Withdrawal refers to experiencing a set of symptoms whenever attempting to quit drugs cold-turkey. As your body goes into a state of shock, you will experience a series of withdrawal symptoms, affecting your day-to-day functioning.

If you experience withdrawal linked to alcohol, opioids, or other drugs, you need to seek help from our drug rehab in Huntington Beach to overcome your addiction safely. As one of the preeminent addiction rehab centers in Huntington Beach, CA, we administer customized detox treatment in a fully equipped and upscale facility.

How can detox help?

The goal of the detox treatment is to restore the brain to its pre-addiction state. The procedure involves the use of medication to manage and lessen withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Besides, our medical staff offer around-the-clock clinical care and engage patients in counseling sessions and support groups to help them garner a better healing experience.

Medical detox can help you transition into recovery smoothly and make your journey more comfortable and less painful. Furthermore, our physicians conduct frequent check-ups on our recovering addicts to help them overcome the withdrawal safely. Detox is the first stage in our CA drug and alcohol rehab program, and it goes a long way in helping our patients attain and maintain sobriety in the long term.

Role of detox in long-term recovery

Individuals recovering from severe addiction conditions or long-term substance abuse disorders can experience intense cravings and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox makes their recovery less painful and more comfortable by cleansing their system of toxins. Here’s how our rehab in Huntington Beach can impact your long-term recovery:

  • Detox cleanses your body of toxins and restores the chemical imbalances in your brain.
  • Medically-assisted detox reduces your risk of relapse significantly and empowers you to maintain soberness in the long term.
  • Medical detox at one of the Huntington Beach inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers can prepare your mind, body, and soul for sobriety and the other rehab treatments to follow.

Call Coastline Behavioral Health at 714-841-2260 to learn more about medical detox in Huntington Beach. Make the call to get clean and receive the support you need to maintain sobriety in the long term. Our team of dedicated clinicians and mental health experts can prepare you to overcome your addiction and equip you with vital life skills and tools to lead a healthy, happy, and sober life. 

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medical detox in Huntington Beach

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