Medical Detox Los Angeles

Medical Detox Los Angeles

Also known as medical detox, it is the first step to recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. Medical detox is recommended for everyone who has shown a severe dependence, whether physical or psychological, on drugs or alcohol. Therefore, if you have a problem with drug abuse, you should consider medical detoxification. 

This process rids the body of toxic and addictive substances and must be administered by a team of licensed medical personnel. Though it does not change the long-term course of the problem, it, however, acts as a temporary relief to the problem of addiction. 

Furthermore, medical detox is not considered an addiction treatment. It helps patients stay in the treatment process longer and allows for more extended sober moments.

When is Medical Detox Necessary?

It is essential to quickly deal with the problem of addiction when immediately you identify it. How then do you know you need medical detox? You need medical detoxification if you are at the risk of being dependent on substances, and physical dependence is most likely when an individual has:

  • Been using a substance regularly in large amounts
  • Used a substance extensively over an extended period
  • Required increasing amounts of a substance to achieve the normal effect of the drug
  • Craved for the substance severely, especially when there is no access to the drug
  • Tried quitting but could not seem to do so.

When a person has all of the above characteristics, they must seek out addiction treatment services. Medical detoxification will help the affected individual avoid going back to depending on the drug.

What to Expect During Medical Detox

A patient’s needs are unique, and the medical personnel in charge has to tailor the treatment to fit the individual’s needs. Patients will undergo evaluations where they will provide information on their:

  • Drug disorders
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Withdrawal risks
  • Psychological factors that can contribute to the addiction 
  • Medical Conditions

When these evaluations have been done, the process of detoxification will then begin.

How Long Does Medical Detox Last?

The intensity of the detoxification and the time it will last depends on several factors, including:

  • The Type of Substance Used

Withdrawal symptoms differ from one person to another and from one substance to another. Therefore, the intensity and length of detox will depend on the type of substance to which the patient is addicted.

  • The Quantity of the Substance Used

The quantity of the substance also determines the intensity of the detox. A large amount of substance use will require a more intense detox and vice versa.

  • Duration and Frequency of Use

How often does the patient use the drug? The longer the usage, the more intense the detoxification will be. Also, if the patient uses the drug frequently, the physical reliance will be more significant, and therefore, the detox will be more intense.

Use BeWell’s Detox Centers

Medical detox is safe and effective, and nowhere will you enjoy a more holistic treatment than at BeWell’s Recovery Centers. We have the right medical team to handle the process and will take time to evaluate and administer the entire process. As one of the top rehab centers in Los Angeles, you should reach out today to begin the treatment.

Medical Detox Los Angeles

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Medical Detox Los Angeles

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