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Mix Up Your Valentine’s Day Routine with Partner Yoga!

This Valentine’s Day, consider mixing up the usual routine and gift each other the gift of health and peace of mind by trying yoga with your partner.[0] Doing yoga with your partner can be a healthy and inspiring experience. It is important that you consult your physician before starting a new workout program.[1]

There are seven yoga asanas that couples can practice:

As you sit down on the ground, extend both legs out in front of you.

Reach up with your arms and stand tall with your back straight.[1] Breathe out and lean forward at the hips, bringing your upper body down onto your lower body.

Keep your legs extended and engage your glutes and core for stability all at once. Keep your eyes focused on the mat at a distance of around one or two feet ahead of your hands.[2]

Activate your abdominal muscles as you raise your feet from the ground, maintaining bent knees.

Kneel on the mat with your heels sitting on the ground. Bend your upper body forward, then take a deep breath in and out.[1] Lower your forehead while allowing your pelvis to rest on the heels.[3]

Position yourselves back-to-back, then lower yourselves into a squat so your thighs are even with the floor. Maintain this stance during the workout.[2]

Move your feet outward and bend your knees to form a 90-degree angle, creating a squat position for both of you. Make sure that your upper backs remain connected.[2]

Breathe out and bend forward, allowing your upper body to rest between your legs. Stretch out your arms for an extended Child Pose.

Couples who like to stay fit can work out together in various ways, such as running, going on hikes, engaging in competitive sports, doing partner gym workouts, and attending fitness classes. Partner planks are a great way to work the core, and with a slight modification, they can be done as a duo.[0] Partners get into a plank position facing each other to do plank high fives.[2] Partners alternate using opposite hands to give each other a high five for a set number of repetitions.[0]

Another exercise couples can do together is the partner pushup-squat.

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