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Olly Murs’ Incredible Physical Transformation After Knee Surgery

Olly Murs is no stranger to physical transformations.[0] In 2020, the former X Factor contestant, who was 38 years old and had gained fame in the 2009 series, started on his fitness journey. This was partially due to a knee surgery he had the year before, which had caused him to put on weight.[1] His trainer, Rob Solly, recently took to Instagram to share the incredible before and after photos of Olly’s journey and explain what went into it.

Solly wrote: “A transformation focuses on the physical but what makes these pictures special to me is the mental aspect of @ollymurs journey in the last five months. Having got himself in amazing shape in 2021 and ready to hit the road, complications with Olly’s knee (from an ACL injury over a decade ago) began to arise and the really tough decision to go back ‘under the knife’ was taken. Olly was now on crutches for weeks and when I went round there to train he doubted he could ever get into the shape & attain the fitness levels he’d had only months earlier.”[0]

Solly praised Olly’s dedication, saying: “But even though the atmosphere in a few of our sessions was tense Olly showed up every Monday and Friday. Brick by brick this started to change, the artist I’d known who always challenged himself during our sessions began to resurface.”[0]

Olly’s girlfriend, who has done bikini competitions in the past, provided encouragement and a nutritional plan for the star. Olly told The Sun Online: “I was 14st 3lbs. I’m always between 12st 8lbs and 13lbs. And I’m 12st 8lbs now. To be that heavy was not good for me. I did not feel fit, I was having really bad sleepless nights, I was grumpy.”[0]

The Voice judge’s progress has been amazing, and he joked that he was going to tell his kids that he was a Calvin Klein model.[0] Olly’s trainer concluded: “Last week we talked about this mental journey & I appreciated his honesty & ability to be candid.[0] So to me these pictures mean little, what means a lot is to have the energy, confidence, happiness & belief back in @ollymurs.[0]

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