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Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles

You’ll find high-quality, affordable custom bottles from Consolidated Strategy Group to meet your every need. If you’re looking for cost-efficient packaging solutions for your beverages, industrial or household chemicals, pharmaceutical products, pet care items, or beauty care, you’ll find our custom bottles will exceed your expectations in terms of overall value. Before you place an order from another manufacturer, spend a few minutes on the phone with one of our product specialists to see why we are the best choice for your packaging needs.

Q: What is bottle packaging?

A: Bottle packaging provides a convenient bottle product for liquids and beverages to market them to the public. With the right bottle packaging, your product will look attractive to consumers. Packaging options to consider when ordering bottles include size, color, shape, and material. Our team at Consolidated Strategy Group can assist you as you’re weighing out your options and choosing the right bottle for each of your liquid or semi-liquid products.

Q: How are plastic bottles shipped?

A: We can’t speak for other packaging manufacturers, but we can say with all certainty that at Consolidated Strategy Group, we’ll get your custom bottles to you by whatever means you prefer. Let us know about your shipping preferences and we’ll work closely with you to help you achieve your goals.

Q: What is the name of plastic packaging?

A: Plastic packaging comes in many forms and is called by many names. For liquids, packaging is most often called bottles, pumps, and roll-ons; for dry products, they’re in the form of bags, boxes, jars, containers, tubes, cartons, and displays. Whatever type of packaging you choose for your product, know for certain that Consolidated Strategy Group has the right options for your company.

Q: What is PET Packaging?

A: PET plastics are also known as polyethylene terephthalate, and ar the most common thermoplastic polymer resin in the polyester group, used mainly for the manufacture of containers and clothing. PET custom bottles and jars are lightweight, clear, and strong, both non-reactive and economical for companies. Packaging designers and manufacturers, like CSG highly recommend PET because of its ability to keep costs down while delivering a high-quality packaging product that gives your items a professional appearance.

Q: Where can I find more information about packaging for plastic bottles?

A: Our website, Consolidated Strategy Group, is your best resource for comparing packaging options, prices, and details about the products we sell. If you don’t see a packaging solution on our site, reach out to someone from our team who can offer custom bottles uniquely designed and crafted for your products.

Custom packaging can be difficult to obtain, however, we are committed to your goals at CSG, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure all of your packaging products are exactly what you have in mind. Reach us by phone for a custom quotation by calling 949-793-0635 or use our Web form to send us your questions and messages. You’ll be glad you contacted us regarding your packaging needs.

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