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Polar Takes Bold Move to Expand Fitness Technology Access with “Powered by Polar” Solution

Polar, a leading innovator in fitness and health research and development, is taking a bold move in providing its technology to other manufacturers. The “Powered by Polar” solution gives access to 25 algorithms, covering sleep, training, wellness, activity, performance and recovery, allowing other brands to take advantage of the nearly 50 years of research Polar has to offer.[0]

Casio America, Inc. is the first to take advantage of the opportunity, announcing the release of the new G-Shock G-Squad GBD-H2000.[1] The GBD-H2000 delivers support for multiple sports, boasts a lighter weight, and is available in four models.[2]

Polar hopes that its patented technology will be a catalyst for more entry-level users using its technology, via less prosumer devices.[3] With the expanded access to their algorithms, Polar is looking to increase their market share and revenues.[4] This could also allow watchmakers to consider fitness products that were previously unavailable.[4]

Overall, the “Powered by Polar” solution has the potential to bring advanced fitness tracking to a much broader range of devices, with the hope of increasing awareness and use of Polar’s technology in the fitness and health industries.

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