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Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights: Sleepme Inc. Introduces Revolutionary Sleep Technology

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The Sleepme Insight is an ultrathin sleep tracker that fits underneath your mattress pad and is designed to measure your heart rate, respiratory rate, and in-bed temperature.[0] It can also be paired with the Dock Pro to create a machine learning algorithm that can automatically change the temperature of your bed to extend deep and REM sleep.[0]

The Sleepme+ service allows you to pair the Dock Pro with the Sleepme Insight, providing stats on sleep stages and duration. Additionally, Airplane Mode can be selected to reduce EMF emissions while the unit runs.[1]

Sleepme Inc. is dedicated to making sleep easy and a positive part of everyone’s health. With the Dock Pro Sleep System and the Sleepme Insight, they offer the ultimate experience in cooling sleep technology.

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