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Slim Thick Season: Sarah Ryan (@sarahryanfit) Shares Her Advice For Achieving A Toned and Curvy Figure

Sarah Ryan (@sarahryanfit) is a fitness fanatic who has inspired countless people with her enviable figure. Despite her slim build, she has managed to achieve impressive curves, and recently shared her advice for achieving a toned yet curvy figure.[0]

In a viral video, Sarah wowed viewers by showing off her abs, back, arm muscles, and biceps.[1] She rocked a soft pink-colored crop top and some tight 1990s vintage jeans as she revealed that she is five feet five inches tall and weighs 220 pounds (100 kg).[2]

Comments were filled with people’s thoughts.[3] One person said: [0]You look great![0] Someone else commented, You look fantastic! Sarah also detailed her struggles with finding clothes that fit her properly, saying: “I struggle with how things fit, especially fitted stuff because I have cellulite and don’t want to wear shape wear.[3][0]

Sarah dubbed it [0]slim thick season[0] and instructed women how to grow a shapely booty, demonstrating the exercise that developed her curvy fit figure and showed off her glutes. Her post struck a chord with viewers and received many heartwarming comments. As she said in her post, “Yes, you have to work out too.[4]

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