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Strengthen Your Core with this Six-Move Resistance Band Ab Workout

The core is an important part of a healthy and active body.[0] It provides stability to the spine, promotes good posture and helps improve balance. While sit-ups and crunches are quintessential ab exercises, they are not the only way to build comprehensive core strength. There are more varied and effective ways to build core strength without weights, such as bodyweight exercises like planks and twists.

It is important to ensure proper form during any ab workout, as incorrect form can lead to injuries. It is important to engage your core throughout the workout and make sure your back is not arching or lifting off the mat. Tyler White, an instructor at the Mind Body Project’s Breathe.Burn.Calm.[1] class, recommends focusing on your breath as your anchor to help you stay in proper form.

This six-move resistance band ab workout is an effective way to build core strength. It works the rectus abdominis, the internal and external obliques, and the glutes. To begin the workout, start in a plank position with arms straight and legs together. Then lift one knee up towards your chest as far as possible without allowing either side of the body to dip down.[1] Next, squeeze your glutes together while lifting one foot off the ground and bringing the knee towards the chest. From here, perform a quarter squat and push through your feet to extend your legs. Finally, position your soles together and keep your knees wide out.[0]

By practicing these ab workouts with weights, you can improve your core strength and stability, posture and balance. This is especially beneficial for athletes and anyone who needs to support their spine, promote good posture and prevent back pain. So, if you want to strengthen your midsection, improve your balance and avoid back pain, it’s worth making this six-move resistance band ab workout a regular part of your workout routine.[2]

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