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Strengthen Your Core Without Back Pain – Try The Protocol

Strengthening your core is essential for pain-free fitness, but it can be difficult to do correctly. Lower back pain is a common side effect of core exercises done wrong, and can be debilitating if not treated properly.[0] Fortunately, there’s a way to strengthen your core without back pain – The Protocol, a series of movements created by personal trainer Chris Bohlin.

The Protocol is a physical meditation that helps to realign the body and remove tension. It is designed to strengthen the core and create a subtle shift in the body’s alignment, increasing stability and relieving strain on the back.[1] It’s comprised of four positions – The Back Position, Seated Chair Position, Squatted Twist Position, and Running Position – which should be performed slowly and with control to ensure proper form.[1]

Before performing The Protocol, warm up the areas of the body that will be used, using similar movements as the exercise you plan to do.[0] Inhale while lowering and brace for an exercise, and exhale while pressing up or lifting.[0] Also, start with shorter sets, as trying to do an exercise for too long or too many reps can cause your form to break down.

Laura Barbella was in near constant agony 10 years after suffering an L2 compression fracture, exacerbated by an injury at work.[1] When she saw a Facebook post from Chris Bohlin, offering help for severe pain without drugs or surgery, she reached out.[1] Bohlin explained The Protocol to Barbella and after their first session, she experienced instant relief. After a few weeks of working with Bohlin, she was standing up straight, sleeping better, and the numbness in her right leg had subsided.[1]

The Protocol is an effective way to strengthen your core, reduce aches and improve your posture. With the right exercises, proper form and a good warm-up, you can strengthen your core and banish back pain for good.

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