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Unlock the Anti-Ageing Benefits of Pilates: An Interview with Abby McLachlan

Pilates is a fantastic way to get the body moving and strengthen the core muscles, but what are its anti-ageing benefits? spoke to Abby McLachlan, Pilates Teacher and Founder of studio East of Eden, about how Pilates can be the ultimate anti-ager.[0]

Pilates focuses on spinal alignment and the small muscles around the spine, as well as being a “mind-body practice, matching breath to movement”. According to Abby, Pilates focuses on building strength in the muscles that surround the spine, such as the core and glutes, in order to support the joints and reduce the risk of injury and any pain, particularly back pain. Joseph Pilates proclaimed that with just 30 Pilates sessions, a person could have a total transformation. He stated, “You will experience improvement after 10 sessions, and you’ll see visible changes after 20 sessions. Finally, in 30 sessions, you will have a completely new body.”[1]

However, Abby warned that those suffering injuries or spinal, or postural issues should consult a qualified Pilates instructor and get signed off by a health practitioner before attending a class.[1]

Prolonged poor posture – such as slouching at the computer or phone, carrying kids and heavy bags on one side – can cause the muscles in your back to become weak and strained, leading to joint and disc problems.[1] Focusing on strengthening the deep postural muscles, Pilates emphasizes being aware of one’s posture and the correct alignment of the hips, spine, and head. Having an understanding of proper posture can make a huge difference, yet by engaging in certain, focused exercises, you can develop the muscles that hold your spine in place, essentially preparing your body for the future.[0]

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