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Veteran Coach Predicts Big Ramy to Defeat Walker and Dauda at 2023 Arnold Classic

Nick Walker, Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay, and Samson Dauda are some of the most exciting bodybuilding competitors in the world and are set to take center stage at the 2023 Arnold Classic. Last year, the Arnold Classic organizers increased the prize money for the Men’s Open winner to $300,000, prompting star bodybuilders such as Walker, Jacked, Moore, and Elssbiay to enter the competition.[0]

Veteran bodybuilding coach Milos Sarcev recently spoke with Muscular Development on their YouTube channel about the physiques of the top contenders for the 2023 Arnold Classic.[0] He predicted that Big Ramy could defeat Nick Walker and Samson Dauda, who are both highly ranked Olympians, at the competition. Sarcev noted that Big Ramy had responded well to stem cell treatments and believes he looks better than before.

Walker provided an impressive physical update on Instagram just four weeks out of the 2023 Arnold Classic.[1] He revealed that his primary goal was to keep steroid dosages moderate at all times and doesn’t use oral steroids in the off-season.[2] He also shared that his diet consists of 224 grams of chicken, 350 grams of jasmine rice, 100 grams of banana, and 20 grams of almond butter.

Dauda, who has been gaining a lot of attention over the last year, came in sixth in his debut Mr. Olympia appearance.[1] Meanwhile, Patrick Moore is returning to action at the 2023 Arnold Classic and is looking to build on his 2019 California Pro win and tenth-place finish at the 2019 Mr. Olympia.[1]

The 35th edition of the Arnold Classic is expected to feature a range of events, including strongman, powerlifting, and arm-wrestling.[1] Walker is currently the favorite to win his second Arnold Classic title, and he’s leaving no stone unturned in his preparations for the show, including the use of kratom for enhanced cardio sessions and sleep.[3] Big Ramy and Samson Dauda are both looking to challenge Walker and make a big statement at the 2023 Arnold Classic.

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